Supply Chain

Fondel Chemicals is a distribution company that is dependant upon a vast, rigorous, and knowledge-based Supply Chain.

We have supply partners from all over the world who service our various industries. We purchase from all 4 corners of the globe, yet follow the same principals and processes that allow us to simplify and expedite a very complex supply chain.

We design and follow processes that help us do business as efficiently and economically as possible. Whether it’s a stocking program, long term contract, investigating different routes, improved shipping options, or a better positioned warehouse, we are willing and able to adapt to a variety of situations.

We are in tune with our markets – we regularly connect with our network to ensure we have the most up to date information to act upon. By having multiple supply options in varying countries, we are able to offer products to meet almost any specification. Most of our product portfolio’s are connected with commodities and require day to day expertise management so that we offer our customers the best possible prices.

We have an extensive knowledge within our office that ensures the best solutions are always provided. Experienced leaders combined with knowledgeable staff allows us to learn and communicate information quickly, and regularly. We are committed to our employee knowledge base through professional development and other industry related educational courses.

Fondel goes to great efforts to understand our customers current and future needs, call us today for your next Chemical or Ingredient needs!


We at Fondel Chemicals understand the importance quality plays in our customers businesses.

Whether the customer is an industrial metal finishing plant, mining operation, animal feed mill, or fertilizer blender, Fondel has always been proactive and employed best practices to ensure product safety and compliance. Our customers depend on us to verify our products so that the material they get is what they expect.

Our rigorous Quality Program ensures only the highest quality Chemicals and Ingredients are distributed. Whether the materials are destined to the Mining, Metal Finishing, or Agricultural industries, Fondel only works with pre-approved suppliers who are able to meet or exceed our standards. We understand our customers are busy, so we go the extra distance to ensure our supply partners are able to commit to our level of quality expectations, thereby saving the customer time and money on otherwise costly tasks.

Suppliers must meet specific standards through established and monitored processes that ensure the materials meet the required specifications. Product and Supplier approvals, along with laboratory testing schedules, are established based on risk and hazard analysis. Fondel has an on-going monitoring and testing program that ensures our Chemicals and Ingredients meet the suppliers analysis. We have processes and procedures to manage deviations and ensure everything is tracked and recorded.

By combining decades of industry experience with clear and precise processes, we efficiently delivery quality Chemicals and Ingredients across North America.

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